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Codendi 4.4 is live !

November 10th, 2011 No comments

The new release of our open-source ALM platform is available in ProEdition version for our customers and in Community Edition for the Community.

You may right now download the Community version or request access to an online demo.

If you need a migration from a previous version, you may contact us.

Enjoy !



User can now compute some aggregate functions on numeric and list fields. Those aggregates are displayed in report tables (and therefore in dahsboards and artifact link fields).

Available functions:

  • Numeric fields: sum, average, standard deviation, min, max, count, count group by
  • List fields : count, count group by



  • Improve ergonomy on aggregate functions
  • Improve artifact link browsing
  • Improve reorder the followup comments
  • Improve the display of linked artifacts in the field ArtifactLink
  • User can now select artifacts to link through a nifty selector window and create “sub-artefact” directly inside the artifact.
  • Improve export file in CSV format
  • For public project, not authentificated users won’t have acces anymore to any public project.
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