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Roadmap Codendi 4.6

After the 4.4 release in November 2011, made conjointly by Xerox and Objet Direct, we are very excited to share with you the latest version of Codendi : the 4.6 release.

We target it within the April timeframe.


This release aims to achieve 3 goals :

  • improve the security and update the tools (OS, PHP, MySQL, …),
  • replace the look and feel with a new “state of the art” design,
  • and extend the Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionnality.


Not to mention great improvements to some pieces of code, the main work in this area consists of upgrading the tools to recent versions. Codendi 4.6 will now use :

  •   PHP 5.3
  •   CentOS 6.2
  •   MySQL 5.1
  •   Apache 2.2.15
  •   SVN 1.7


SLA management is a feature that most of you were asking for. Codendi 4.6 will include new export functions that increase significantly SLA computation capabilities.


Here is an exemple of what the future interface will look like. As you see, it looks more modern :-)

Of course, you still will be able to customize your own theme.



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Objet Direct acquires Codendi

January 6th, 2012 1 comment

All the legal stuff is now made, and so we are proud to announce officially that Objet Direct has acquired all the activities around Codendi.

This acquisition signs years of fruitful relations between Objet Direct and Xerox.

After helping, working with Xerox to Codendi development, Objet Direct decides in 2007 to use it to manage its projects.

In 2009, Objet Direct and Xerox participate together to the project Coclico, that aimed to give significant enhancement to collaborative platforms for software development.

In 2011 with the completion of the project Coclico, Xerox wants to focus in the areas related to its activities in Business Process Outsourcing. Xerox decides to transfer the Codendi activities to a partner, and chooses Objet Direct as the best candidate to continue to develop and promote Codendi all over the world.

More information :

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Codendi 4.4 is live !

November 10th, 2011 No comments

The new release of our open-source ALM platform is available in ProEdition version for our customers and in Community Edition for the Community.

You may right now download the Community version or request access to an online demo.

If you need a migration from a previous version, you may contact us.

Enjoy !



User can now compute some aggregate functions on numeric and list fields. Those aggregates are displayed in report tables (and therefore in dahsboards and artifact link fields).

Available functions:

  • Numeric fields: sum, average, standard deviation, min, max, count, count group by
  • List fields : count, count group by



  • Improve ergonomy on aggregate functions
  • Improve artifact link browsing
  • Improve reorder the followup comments
  • Improve the display of linked artifacts in the field ArtifactLink
  • User can now select artifacts to link through a nifty selector window and create “sub-artefact” directly inside the artifact.
  • Improve export file in CSV format
  • For public project, not authentificated users won’t have acces anymore to any public project.
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